Spacetalk Adventurer 2 vs Garmin Bounce - Price, Features and Safety Comparison

In this guide we’re going to be comparing two of the biggest names when it comes to kid’s smartwatches - Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Garmin Bounce.

Let’s see how the humble, Australian-based Spacetalk stacks up against international giants, Garmin.

Support and Warranty

    Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now>
      Garmin Bounce

        Customer Support

        Australian Based


        Email Support

        Dedicated Email Support

        Online Support Centre


        12 Month Warranty

        12 Month Warranty

        It’s not entirely clear whether Garmin offers Australian-based customer support, but they do have plenty of information available in the online support centre.

        Reviews and Ratings


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now>

        Garmin Bounce







        Helpful Review

        Great option for kids on the go. My daughter loves the security of having this to contact me when she’s doing her extra curricular or out with friends. Great alternative option to a phone for my 8 year old.


        Source: JB Hi-Fi

        The Spacetalk Adventurer 2 is rated highly among users, receiving an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

        Pricing and Associated Costs


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now>

        Garmin Bounce

        Price (RRP)



        SIM Plan

        Choose from 3 wearable SIM plans, including:

        - 1GB for $17.99 (30 days)

        - 10GB for $90.99 (180 days)

        - 30GB for $164.99 (356 day)

        Choose from either a monthly or annual SIM plan:

        - $17.00 per month, or

        - $170.00 per year.

        Mobile App Fees

        Free Spacetalk App with any Spacetalk Mobile plan.

        Free Garmin Jr. app

        There’s about $100 difference between the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and the Garmin Bounce. Both smartwatches come with
        several SIM plans to choose from, so you can select the plan that best suits you and your child’s needs. 


        Design and Durability


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now>

        Garmin Bounce

        Watch Colours

        Available in two colours: frost and dusk

        Available in black

        Watch Band Colours

        Available in thirteen colours including: arctic, black, cherry, flamingo, lilac, slate and teal

        Available in three colours: green burst, black camo and lilac floral

        Glass Type

        Gorilla glass

        Chemically-strengthened glass

        Water Resistance

        Splashproof IP67

        5 ATM (withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters)

        While both the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Garmin Bounce are available in several colours, the Spacetalk comes in a few extra colourways to suit your child’s taste.

        Featuring tough screen glass, both the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Garmin Bounce have been built for durability, so they can withstand almost anything your child throws at them. With that said, if your little one is a fan of swimming, the Garmin Bounce features a higher water resistance rating, meaning it’s fine for use in the shower and while swimming and snorkelling.

        Communication Features


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now> 

        Garmin Bounce

        Two-Way Calling

        Text Messaging

        Emergency SOS

        Parent Approved Contacts

        With the Garmin Bounce, you can only manage up to 20 approved contacts. Interestingly, you can’t make or receive calls with a Garmin Bounce. Instead, the main forms of communication are text and voice messages. With this in mind, the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 offers a greater choice when it comes to connecting with your child. You can choose to call, text or use video chat to reach out to them.

        Connectivity Features


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now>

        Garmin Bounce

        4G Network Connectivity



        The Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Garmin Bounce both share the same connectivity features. Both devices are
        4G compatible and they also have Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

        Safety and Tracking


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now>

        Garmin Bounce

        Real-Time Location Tracking

        Geo-Fencing & Safe Zones

        SOS Button Functionality

        Remote Monitoring

        As a parent, the safety of your children is your top priority. The Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Garmin Bounce both make it easy to keep an eye on your child from afar with their range of safety and tracking features. With real-time GPS tracking and the ability to set up safe zones, you can monitor your child remotely to check that they’re exactly where they should be. And if they accidentally misplace their watch, you can also use remote monitoring to see where the last known location of the device was, making it easier to track down.

        Learning and Usage Control


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now> 

        Garmin Bounce

        School Mode

        Social Media

        Internet Connectivity

        If there’s one thing we all know, it’s how easily distracted kids are. But with school mode, you can switch your kid’s smartwatch to a regular old watch face during class hours.

        Kids in Adelaide took the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 for a spin and noted that when you set the smartwatch to school mode “the features continue to work in the background so parents can still track their location if need be and it continues to count their steps and heart rate (if this is something important to you and your child).”

        Health and Applications


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now>

        Garmin Bounce

        Step Counter

        Heart Rate Monitor

        Stop Watch

        Alarm Clock



        Both the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and the Garmin Bounce have been designed with fitness and functionality in mind. Boasting a range of health apps and extra features, these smartwatches can be used for almost anything, from counting your kids steps to adding important events and reminders to the calendar.

        Based on a recent review, Be A Fun Mum says, “The Spacetalk Smartwatch has all the features you’d expect from a modern watch, like the date and time, as well as a calendar and a stopwatch. You can also set up alarms and customise when they repeat to suit your child’s schedule.”

        Technical Specifications


        Spacetalk Adventurer 2   <Buy Now> 

        Garmin Bounce

        Screen Size & Resolution

        360x320 pixels

        240 x 240 pixels

        Battery Time

        Up to 2h talk, up to 36h standby time

        Up to 2 days

        Charging Time

        Approx. ‎1.5 hours

        Approx. 2.5 hours 



        7 timed activities, 14 days of activity tracking data

        Camera Resolution


        No camera

        If you love receiving photo updates from your kids throughout the day, then the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 is the obvious choice. Despite offering a range of features and functionalities, the Garmin Bounce hasn’t been designed to include a camera.

        Besides this oversight, the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and the Garmin Bounce a fairly comparable when it comes to their technical specifications.

        Key Takeaways

        The Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Garmin Bounce share many of the same features. From durability and connectivity to a focus on health and wellness, you can count on either of these smartwatches to keep track of your little ones while you’re not around.

        For many parents, the ability to call and chat with their child is a huge bonus, which is why the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 beats out the Garmin Bounce in terms of connectivity. Plus, the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 also features a camera that can be used for video calls, whereas the Garmin was designed without a camera altogether.

        If you’re keen to connect with your kids via talk, text or video calls while they’re out and about, check out the Spacetalk Adventurer 2.


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