8 Fun Things to do Outside this Weekend

8 Fun Things to do Outside this Weekend

Everyone loves the weekend! Whether you’re a child or an adult, the weekend brings the opportunity to rest, have fun and decompress.

Weekends are also a chance to get outside away from screens after a busy week of work and school, so here’s some fun activities to get you and the kids out in the fresh air this weekend.


Have a picnic

Instead of having lunch indoors, grab a blanket and enjoy a meal in the back yard. Get them involved in making lunch and setting up the picnic area and even organising some post lunch games.


Explore your neighbourhood

If your kids are feeling adventurous, take a walk around your neighbourhood and see if you can find any hidden gems like new parks, cute cafes and free street libraries.

If you’re worried about kids going too far afield, you can set up Safe Zones on their Adventurer 2 so you’ll know if they stray too far. You can also see their location via the Spacetalk app at any time if you just want to check in.


Get out in the garden

The bulk of garden work tends to fall on the weekends, so why not get the kids involved.

Whether it’s planting, weeding, watering or harvesting the veggie patch, getting kids out in the garden not only gets them away from screens, but also teaches them about nature.


Preserve flowers

Preserving flowers and leaves is a fun way to get creative and learn about different kinds of plants.

Simply place the flowers and leaves between sheets of baking paper and put some heavy books on top. Check on them in one to two weeks and use the dried flowers to create collages or frame them.


Make an obstacle course

Keep fit and activate those muscles with an obstacle course. Some playgrounds have permanent fitness equipment kids can work through, or they can make their own course in the back yard using things like hula hoops and hurdles.



On a clear night, look up at the night sky and see what stars and constellations you can see. If you’re lucky, you might even see a meteor!


Bird watch

How many different typed of birds can you see in your back yard? Expand this to include other kinds of critters like bugs (just be careful around spiders!).

Seeing how many different kinds of critters kids can identify can help teach them a lot about the mini marvels of the world around them.


Try nature photography

Grabbing a camera and taking pictures is a great way to let kids explore the world around them and be creative at the same time.

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