Messaging Technology That Supports
Your School Community

Message You

Messaging Technology That Supports Your School Community

Australia's Leading School Attendance Messaging Solution

MessageYou saves precious admin hours by automating your school's attendence communications keeping parents and teachers informed and kids safe.

Automated Messaging

Save administration time

Increase efficiency with automated answers and preconfigured messages via SMS and the app without the need for re-keying by administration staff.

Care and Compliance

Keep parents informed

Parents receive the right message at the right time so they'll always know when their child is safely at school.  


Analytics and insights

Watchlists automatically perform data analysis to spot trends in absences and other behavioural patterns with email alerts sent to support student wellbeing.

For Schools of All Shapes and Sizes

Primary Schools

Keep students safe
and parents engaged

The safety net of absence and emergency messages gives parents a sense of security during their child’s formative years.

Senior Schools

Helping students excel
and develop at school

Monitoring attendance allows teachers and administrators know when intervention is required to support student wellbeing and development.

MessageYou Simplifies Communication

Full Contact

Enhance your school systems

Being able to see parental contact details in one place increases data accuracy and eliminates re-keying information.

Preferred Delivery Methods

Right message, right channel

Parents receive tailored notifications at the right time in the right format using each parent's preferred channel.

More than

True duty of care

True duty of care is our focus. Set message parameters, receive analytics, behaviour monitoring and follow up alerts.

Stay Informed, Wherever You Are

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