Spacetalk Life Smartwatch

The seniors safety Life smartwatch that makes sure you're always connected to your support network.

Features include:
4G phone and SMS
GPS location sharing
SOS alerts
•    Fall detection
•    Reminders and alerts
•    Fitness tracker

What’s in the box:
•   Life smartwatch with Spacetalk SIM pre-installed
•   Screen protector kit
•   Charging cable and dock
•   Get Started guide

Spacetalk Life - Connect

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Making life safer simply

Spacetalk Life is a smartwatch with safety built-in, auto fall detection, SOS button, location features, and more!

Life is for living

Stay connected to those that matter with voice calling, texts, and location sharing. Family and carers have access to a simple App to keep in touch.

Keep up with life

Stay on top of things and keep active using reminders, alerts, a step counter and fitness tracking. Or, just use your watch as a phone.


An interface that's intuitive and accessible for all.


Lightweight and low-profile design provides comfort and style.


Thoughtful features automatically help connect and protect.

Safety Features

Designed with safety in mind, each feature works to keep you living well and safely at home, and any place life takes you.

24/7 Monitoring service option

Your 24/7 monitoring company responds as soon as your Life watch detects an issue. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fall or SOS detected You have 30 seconds to let your device know you’re okay, or Life will alert your 24/7 monitoring team.
  2. 24/7 monitoring alerted Your monitoring team has been alerted to your location and event details, and will call you to connect you with help.
  3. Emergency help on the way Your care networks and emergency services are contacted by your 24/7 monitoring team if needed.
  4. Health info displayed Your watch will auto-display your medications, allergies and health data on screen, allowing health professionals to give you the care you need.

Fall detection and SOS button

Life lets you set the sensitivity of the auto fall detection§. And because not every bump on the watch needs attention, you have 30 seconds to let your device know if you’re okay before it begins to connect you with help.

In cases of emergency, the SOS button lets you instantly alert your networks that you need help. They’ll receive a notification, including details of your location.

Location sharing and safe zones

Safe zones let you set times and places you’ll be somewhere, and your care networks receive auto alerts if things don’t go as planned. Family and friends can also request your location anytime and navigate directly from the App to where you are using maps.

Emergency contacts and auto-dialing

If an SOS, fall, or safe zone alert is detected, Life connects you help right away. Based on the priority contact list you’ve set up, Life will auto-dial for help in the sequence you’ve set until it gets an answer and ensures help is on its way.

Fitness Tracker

& Alarms

Safety Callback

(rated IP67)

Peace of mind for friends, family and carers.

Life comes bundled with a 1-year subscription to the Spacetalk App, enabling your support network to:

  • Location share. Allow carers to see where you are.
  • Create safe zones. Trigger alerts when you come and go.
  • Create safe contacts. Get rid of spam callers.
  • Get alerts. For help with SOS and fall detection.

The mobile network families rely on.

Life Connect comes with a Spacetalk Mobile SIM card pre-installed and 12 months of talk, text and data#.

NDIS Funding.

We believe in equal access and greater independence for people of all abilities That's why we're proud to be a registered NDIS provider.

You may be eligble for funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Get the most out
of Life.

  • 4G voice callling and text.
  • Simple interface and loud speaker.
  • Reminders help you stay on top of Life.
  • Activity and heart rate monitor.

Thinking about 24/7 Monitoring?

We work with the leading brands and organizations to ensure the best in safety services and support for all Australians. The Life Smartwatch is an mPERS accredited device when partnered with a 247 monitoring provider.

Life. On your terms.

Helpful resources

Quickstart Guide

Get started in a cinch with this step-by-step guide.

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User Guide

Get detailed information about all Life features.

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Spacetalk Support

Visit our help centre for friendly help and answers.

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Features for staying connected and safe.


  • Call & text with Spacetalk’s 4G network.
  • Loud & clear, designed for calls on the go.
  • Easy calling with a simple interface.
  • Set up safe contacts & stop spam calls.



  • Share your location with family & carers.
  • Create safe zones with entry and exit alerts. 
  • SOS function sends immediate location. 



  • Fall detection with immediate alerts.
  • SOS button for immediate assistance.
  • Family & carers monitor via the Spacetalk App.
  • Use with 24/7 monitoring service for more support.

Keep me up to date with Life.

*Spacetalk Life is rated to IP67 water resistance. Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.
†24/7 monitoring services administered by Safety Link. Use of the Safety Link services are subject to the Safety Link Service Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available here. Safety Link services require a paid subscription.
‡ Spacetalk app subscription fees apply.
§ Spacetalk Life is a consumer-grade general wellness device, not a certified medical device. Spacetalk Life Fall Detection does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their SOS button when they need assistance. Spacetalk is not intended to replace caregiver or medical attention for an individual living with health issues. Features are not intended for medical diagnostics. The information provided in this website or the Spacetalk app is not a substitute for obtaining proper professional care or services. You should seek independent advice from a medical professional as required.
# Spacetalk Mobile (a brand of Spacetalk Holdings Pty Ltd) uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, click here to learn more. The Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network coverage area reaches more than 98.8% of the Australian population with 3G and 4G and covers more than 1.6m square kilometres of the Australian landmass. Please view the Critical Information Summary which details the inclusions and exclusions of each plan and the Service Terms of Use.  

The data presented on our website is sourced from the following references:
1. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW): "Falls" web article.
2. Alzheimer's Association: Information on ‘Wandering’ Behaviours.
3. Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society: “Data on fall-related consequences”.