Best practice attendance management starts with excellent rollmarking


Best practice attendance management starts with excellent rollmarking

Roll marking and Attendance Management Solutions

RollMarker lets you manage student attendance and welfare using the latest in cloud web-based software.

Save Time

Data is automatically synchronised

RollMarker works on any device and integrates with over 80 school management systems to synchronise attendance.

Always Secure

Each contact is securely matched

Each child is securely matched to their parent or caregiver, so vital messaging always goes to the right person.

Empowering Kids

Attendance kiosks allow self check-in

Configure any iPad, tablet or computer for students to self-administer their own late arrivals and departures.

For Schools of All Shapes and Sizes

Primary Schools

Save time, teach more.

RollMarker lets teachers record attendence and manage teacher schedules on any device including their smartphone, making it perfect for class trips.

Senior Schools

Creating expecations for excellence

Empower students to manage themselves through self-serve kiosks where they can check themselves in and out of school for late arrivals and early departures.

RollMarker Streamlines Schools

Timetable Changes

Simplify teacher schedules

Enable temporary relief teachers or a change in teacher schedules by letting teachers access their specific classes or view other rolls to teach more efficiently.

Admin Functions

Easily customize admin functions

Amend student records, create classes and excursions, reassign teachers and students and manage make up classes all through an intuitive easy to use interface.

System Administrators

Manage data your way

Set up and maintain data from your student management system. Integrate with 80+ school management systems to simplify attendance and teacher assignments.

Keeping Kids Engaged

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