Meet the Spacetalk App

Spacetalk is a great way for families to stay together when they are apart. Through the app they can chat, update each other on their location, send messages, share photos and lots more!

As a bonus, Spacetalk App subscription fees will be waived for Spacetalk Mobile customers for as long as they stay connected. With three affordable SIM plans to choose from, Spacetalk Mobile is perfect for wearables.

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The SPACETALK App subscription allows you to connect your SPACETALK devices from AUD $5.99/month.

A phone screen showing a family group chat of images and texts being exchanged

Connection and peace of mind,
at your fingertips.

All the control, right at your fingertips.

Variety of screens form the Spacetalk App highlighting safe zones, family chat, location tracking, activity board and contact management
icon showing a number of lines being connected

Family Matters

Whether you use it to control and monitor your child's watch, or as an unobtrusive way to keep an eye on your senior parent, this app is all about taking care of family.

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Keep Connected

Talk to them. Locate them. Help them.
From a chat to a location update right through to an emergency, this app connects you to them.

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Safe & Secure

Our app, servers and firmware are developed in Australia. Audited and verified by international cyber security experts, our ecosystem passes all European standards for privacy and data security.


The new Spacetalk App you know and love has been revamped with a fresh new interface.


The new Spacetalk App you know and love has been revamped with a fresh new interface.

Spacetalk app chat screen showing chats with various family members and groups

Chat & Calls

Enhanced Chat & Call capabilities
for staying connected with your family.

  • Share every new detail of your day with everyone that matters.
  • Share photos, share videos, share upcoming events.
  • Set reminders so their watch tells them what they should be doing and when, from chores and appointments to catch ups with friends.
app screen showing child account details such as fitness stats, calls and star rewards

Your Child's

The control centre for
your child's Spacetalk.

  • Control every feature and every setting of your child's device at your fingertips.
  • Establish safe zones, set safe contacts, authorise school mode and much more.
app screen showing an area map and a photo and pin of the childs current location


Real time locations of
your child's Spacetalk.

  • Establish safe zones for your kids. Safe zones can be setup which can notify you when your child arrives and leaves these pre-programmed zones.
  • Advanced GPS functionality provides accurate,
    real-time information about your child’s location
app screen with graph detailing number of steps for the week and figure for steps for the day

Activity Board

Monitor your child's activity
across the day.

  • Encourage healthy living across your family by completing daily step goals.
  • A heart rate monitor lets you know if they’re exercising, excited or both
app screen detailing parentl controls for what hours the Spacetalk watch will be in school mode

School Mode

Distraction free learning.

  • Using school mode, parents and guardians can define classroom periods that make Spacetalk distraction free.
  • Parents have complete control and can choose to selectively enable or disable features.
  • The best part? Only you can turn school mode off.