Spacetalk Adventurer 1 & 2

Spacetalk Adventurer 1 & 2

Support for your Adventurer 1 and 2 devices

Support for your Adventurer 1 and 2 devices

Activate your Spacetalk Mobile SIM Card

Getting started with Spacetalk Mobile is simple!

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Quick Start Guide

Get started with our Quick Start Guide.

How to pair your Spacetalk Adventurer
to your mobile device


Turning my Adventurer On

The power Button on your Adventurer is located on the bottom cover. Hold the power button for a short time (Approx 5 seconds) to turn the watch on or off.

Holding the button for a long press (20 seconds) will "soft reset" the watch, you should feel it vibrate.

Simply douple tap anywhere on the screen face to wake the watch up.

Touch screen not responding? Clean watch face using a damp cloth. Completely power down your Adventurer by holding down the power button for 20 seconds to do a soft reset. Restart your watch.

Download our quick start guide here.

Pairing my Adventurer

Activating your Spacetalk Adventurer to your mobile phone is easy. Follow our simple how-to video here to get started today.

Activating my Spacetalk Mobile SIM Card

Activating your Spacetalk Mobile SIM card is easy. Visit our customer portal here to get started. Have two forms of ID handy (i.e. Medicare card and driver's license) and use your full legal name to quickly complete your customer verification.


How Do I Charge my Adventurer?

The supplied charging cradle magnetically attaches to the rear of your Adventurer watch. Plug one end of the supplied USB-C cable into the charging dock and the other end into a 5V/1Amp USB power source.

Once the watch is connected to the charging dock, a red light on the charging dock will be displayed to indicate the watch is currently charging.

Once the watch has been disconnected from the charging dock or reaches 100% of charge, the light on the charging dock will change to green. When Adventurer is connected to the charging dock correctly, the charging dock will display a solid red light until it is fully charged.

Why isn't my Adventurer Charging?

If the charging dock does not display a light on the side, this would mean the dock is not receiving power from the power supply. If this is the case, we would recommend testing this by using a different power source and/or power adaptor.

If the watch is displaying an empty battery on the LCD screen, ensure that when the watch is attached to the charging dock the charging dock turns solid red. Once red, leave for 30 minutes and try turning the device on again via the power button.

If your Adventurer does not appear to charge, follow these steps:

  • Check the charging contacts on the dock. Are they clean and visually look in good condition?
  • Check the charging contacts on the Spacetalk watch. Are they clean and visually look in good condition? If not, clean the godl contacts with a damp cloth. Ensure they are dry before proceeding.
  • Ensure your Adventurer is seated correctly on the charging cradle and the charging cradle is not upside down. The four gold contacts on the charging cradle should line up with the four gold contacts on the back of your Adventurer.
  • Connect the charging dock to a USB power source. Once connected confirm the light on the charging dock is green. No light indicates possibly the USB power source or the USB cable maybe faulty.
  • Hold down the Power Button for 20 seconds to perform a soft reset.
  • If you continue to experience charging issues, please reach out to our Support Team.


How do I View my Battery Level?

You can check the battery level in a variety of ways. To check the battery level on the watch, swipe down at the clock screen to see the battery level in the top right corner.

To check the battery level of the watch from the Spacetalk app, the battery level will be displayed next to the device name on the map screen. Your Adventurer will also send notifications to the Spacetalk app when the battery level reaches 15% or below as well as when the battery goes flat.

How can I maximise the battery life of my Adventurer?

Ensure your Adventurer is fully charged overnight to a 100% baery capacity.

Short location update intervals (e.g. 5 minutes) are not recommended for day to day use as they will consume the battery faster. For the best battery performance, we suggest using your Location on Demand feature in combination with a longer update interval or interval updates turned off.

Keeping your watch's software up to date will also ensure you can benefit from the latest battery optimisations.

If you are using a pre-paid SIM card, it is also recommended to check that your SIM card has credit balance on it as battery life can be impacted due to data connectivity issues.


No Network Connection

'You can check the network signal strength on your Adventurer. by swiping from the top to bottom on the touch screen. The network signal strength and the network name should be displayed. If it isn't, follow these steps:

  • Check that flight mode is not active.
  • Check that the SIM card has been inserted correctly.
  • Hold down the Power Button for 20 seconds to perform a soft reset.
  • Confirm the SIM card has been activated correctly with your provider. If in doubt, remove the SIM card from your watch and test in another device or phone.
  • Check that voice, SMS and data are working.Confirm the SIM card has valid credit. If necessary, recharge the SIM using the provider's recharge process.
  • If available, try another SIM card in your Adventurer.

Network Error Messages

'No SIM' messages: The watch is unable to recognise a SIM card within the SIM card reader.

We recommend turning the watch off, taking the SIM card out, ensuring there is no damage to the SIM card or the watch itself. Re-insert the SIM card into the watch and power the watch back on.

If the watch is displaying signal bars and also 'No connection' on the clockface, to narrow down the source of the issue, navigate to the information menu on the watch by swiping down and selecting the settings then information and select 'Software Update'. This will prompt the watch to use the SIM card's mobile data to check for the latest software. Dependent on the result of this, please see below for next action:

'Your Spacetalk is already on the latest software': The watch is able to access sufficient mobile data from the SIM card. If the watch is still showing 'no connection' ensure that the SIM also has sufficient credit allowance. This can be done by making a call to the watch, letting it go through as a missed call and returning the call.

If after the above troubleshooting does not resolve the 'No connection' message displayed on the watch, contact our support team.

Poor Coverage

''The Spacetalk Adventurer range has been specifically designed to operate on all 3G and 4G networks in Australia and New Zealand. If you are experiencing poor coverage, check with your service provider about the coverage available in your area.

How do I connect my watch to Wifi?

'To connect to local WiFi, on your Adventurer watch; swipe down from the top of the screen then press and hold the Wi-Fi icon. Move the Wi-Fi switch to the on position, then press '+' in the top right corner. Select the Wi-Fi network SSID you wish to connect to, then enter the password for that network. Finally, press the blue tick to confirm and connect.

Although WiFi can assist with mobile data usage, the watch will require both mobile data and credit allowance to connect to the network.


Why can't I make a video call?

If your Adventurer is not performing video calls, follow these steps:

  • Ensure contact is added to the contacts list in the Spacetalk app.
  • Ensure your watch is connected to the mobile network by swiping down on the clock screen and checking that there are signal bars present.
  • Confirm the SIM card has valid data credit. If necessary, recharge the SIM using the provider's recharge process.
  • If a video call has been made from your Loop recently, please wait 2 minutes until the down-time period is complete before trying to make another video call.
  • Video calls can't be made if the watch has less than 30% battery or is connected to the charger. Ensure your watch is adequately charged and disconnect from the charger before making your video call.
  • Check if Video Calling is disabled in the Spacetalk app by viewing: (Child's Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enable Video Calls).
  • Check the watch is not in School Mode.


Why are my incoming calls rejected?

Your Adventurer watch will only receive incoming calls and SMS/MMS messages only from people listed in the watch's contact list. To check your contacts in the Spacetalk app, tap on the 'Home' button, then tap on the device, and tap 'Watch Contacts'. You may also choose to block calls from unknown numbers. This is set by default but guardians can choose to disable this feature to allow all incoming calls and messages.

If your number is listed in the contacts on your Adventurer watch and your call is rejected, please check the caller ID settings of the calling mobile phone. Your Loop detects who is calling from the incoming caller ID and determines if it will permit the call or reject the call. No caller ID will cause automatic call rejection from the watch.

My Audio levels are low?

You can adjust audio levels from your watch speaker. While in a call, the volume control appears on the Adventurer's screen. Adjust the volume using this control. Additionally ensure the screen protector is not covering the speaker port.

Why does my Adventurer not ring, only vibrate?

This is most likely due to the ring volume level being turned down or off. From the clock screen, swipe from top to bottom to reveal the control centre. Tap 'Sound' to reveal the volume slider.



To shutdown Spacetalk Loop, hold down the power button for about 5 seconds and select the tick icon to confirm shutdown.

Soft Reset

Pressing the Power Button on the underside of Adventurer for 20 seconds will perform a soft reset and will not wipe any user data.

Factory Resetting

To perform a hard factory reset, from the clock screen, swipe from top to bottom to select the 'settings' menu. Tap 'Settings' scroll through the list to 'Factory Reset'. The watch requires a PIN number to avoid accidental reset. The PIN number is the last four digits of the IMEI number. The IMEI number can be found in the Information menu.

Important: Factory reset will wipe all user data including pictures and videos that may have been recorded. If you wish to save these, we recommend sending these from the watch to a mobile phone prior to performing a factory reset. After your Adventurer has been reset, the initial set-up procedure and watch pairing with the Spacetalk App will need to be repeated. If your Adventurer has been paired previously with the same account, when performing the pairing process the Spacetalk app will allow the apps previous settings to be restored.


How do I add contacts to my Adventurer?

An unlimited number of contacts can be added to your Loop watch. Contacts are added in the Spacetalk app. To do this tap on the 'Home' button, then tap on the device. Under 'Watch Contacts' tap on the plus symbol to add a new contact.

During set-up, a contact can be selected from your list of contacts on your smartphone or by adding a new contact. The name entered in this menu will be the name which will come up on the watch to call/message the contact.

Contacts can also be flagged as emergency contacts for use when the Spacetalk's SOS function is activated. Emergency contacts will appear in the watch contacts list with a red icon to the right of the contact name.


Is my Spacetalk Adventurer locked to Spacetalk Mobile?

Adventurer watches purchased from Spacetalk after the 10th February 2024 are locked to the Spacetalk Mobile network and require a current plan with included calls, SMS and approximately 1GB of data per month.

Spacetalk Mobile SIM plans are specifically designed for the needs of Spacetalk watches and come with unlimited talk and text. Watches using Spacetalk Mobile plans are eligible for a free Spacetalk app subscription (T&C's apply). For more information regarding Spacetalk Mobile click here.

Adventurer 2 is compatible with all network providers within Australia and New Zealand. We encourage customers to look into coverage within the area of use to ensure the SIM provider is suitable for the area.

Please note, some providers may not alert when a pre-paid sim card is low on credit. Sufficient call and data credit is required to access device functionality, including the SOS button. Please ensure sufficient credit is always available on pre-paid sim cards or utilise a post-paid sim card.

Will my Adventurer work overseas?

While the watch can work in certain overseas countries, it does require that the network is WCDMA 3G 2100Mhz and 850Mhz. Unfortunately in the USA and Canada they do not use this type of network, so the watch is incompatible. This means that the watch will be unable to obtain a network connection while in these countries.

Adventurer 1 (Model ST2-4G-1) will work on 4G Bands: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28 and 3G Bands:B1/B5/B8. Where GSM networks are still available 2G: 900/1800MHz.

Adventurer 2 (Model ST2-4G-1) will work on 4G Bands: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28 and 3G Bands:B1/B5/B8. Where GSM networks are still available 2G: 900/1800MHz.

We do encourage customers to research and ensure the local network of the destination country will be suitable. You may experience some differences due to network changes, so we do advise caution.

You could also use an Australian SIM card that has international roaming enabled. Please note: Spacetalk Mobile does not offer international roaming on any prepaid plans.

Is my Spacetalk Adventurer Water Resistant?

Spacetalk Adventurer is rated as IP67 water and dust resistant. It has been tested submerged at a depth of 1m for 30mins. This rating means that Spacetalk Adventurer will be more tolerant to splashes, accidental submersion and rain. We do not recommend actively swimming, bathing or showering with Spacetalk Adventurer fitted.

For more information on our water reistance information page.

Is my personal information safe?

Our systems incorporate industry best practice data security. All data transmitted between Spacetalk devices and our Spacetalk apps use enterprise-grade encryption. Data stored on our servers is encrypted and hosted in government and bank grade security centers in Australia.

We are fully Australian Privacy Principles and GDPR compliant and are constantly updating our systems and practices to ensure our users' data security and privacy.

Our privacy policy outlines how we collect and handle you personal information and can be viewed from the footer of our website.

How do I delete my Spacetalk App?

How do I delete my Spacetalk account?

Your Spacetalk App and account information can be deleted in the Spacetalk App.

If you are the primary account owner, your account information and the data of all devices linked to your account will be deleted. If you are a shared user, your account information will be deleted and shared device links will be removed.

Account deletion is permanent and cannot be reversed.

If you have an active subscription, please cancel it before proceeding with your account deletion.

To delete your account, in the Spacetalk App navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu. Tap ‘Manage Account’ then ‘Delete My Account’. Enter your Spacetalk account password and tap ‘Delete My Account’.

What if I don’t have access to my Spacetalk account or Spacetalk application.

 Reach out to our friendly customer support team for assistance at

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