Say Hello to JumpySIM and Goodbye to Monthly Spacetalk App Subscription Fees

At Spacetalk we believe that keeping in contact with loved ones shouldn’t break the bank.

That’s why when you connect with JumpySIM, you'll benefit from pre-paid SIM plans that give families everything they need to stay in contact without the big price tag.

As a bonus, all Spacetalk app fees will be waived for JumpySIM customers for as long as they stay connected, saving you up to $71.88 a year! **

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get their Spacetalk watches connected quickly and easily.

That’s why every Spacetalk watch will include a JumpySIM card, so you can get talking as soon as your order arrives. While we roll this out, we’ve also got a redemption link to claim your JumpySIM card If you got your watch through one of our retail partners and didn’t receive one.

Please note: JumpySIM is compatible with Spacetalk Adventurer (ST2-4G-1), Spacetalk Life (SP-L4G-1) and Spacetalk Kids Telstra edition (IF-W515C) only.

JumpySIM has three affordable plans to choose from and the longer you sign up the greater the monthly saving will be. You can save up to $38.89 when you sign up to JumpySIM for one year* and there’s even a 28-day plan if you just want to give us a try.

Plans made for wearable devices
There are a few things that are essential when creating a great SIM plan for wearables.

Pre-paid: A pre-paid plan means no opportunity for bill shock! Additional data can be purchased if you run out before the end of the billing month, but this is managed by the account holder, giving you more control over money spent.

Unlimited talk and text: Everyone should be able to contact loved ones at any time. That’s why all JumpySIM plans have unlimited talk and text within Australia.

Data: Depending on the plan you choose, JumpySIM offers up to 30GB data over 12 months, plenty to keep connected with those who matter most.

Network coverage: Reliable coverage is essential, especially when it comes to needing to get in contact with a parent or guardian. JumpySIM uses part of Telstra’s 3G and 4G mobile network for reliable coverage across Australia.

JumpySIM has everything kids need at a great price. Head over to the JumpySIM website for more information and to connect your Spacetalk today.

*Monthly cost based on 12-month Biggest Value plan subscription ($164.99).
**Saving based on app subscription for one watch at $5.99 over 12 months.
Free app subscription is available for Spacetalk Kids Telstra Variant (IF-W515C/SP-1005) and Adventurer (ST2-4G-1) devices only. JumpySIM is not compatible with Spacetalk Kids Optus/Vodafone variant (IF-W525C/SP-1009). Free app subscription will cease if JumpySIM is removed from your Spacetalk watch and you use another providers SIM. If you have more than one Spacetalk watch paired to your Spacetalk account, any ineligible devices or devices not using a JumpySIM will still require a paid subscription. This offer is limited to Australian customers only.

If you are eligible for a free Spacetalk Subscription you may need to cancel you existing subscription. You will need to cancel this through your AppleID or Google Account that was used to purchase it. Use of the JumpySIM service is governed by the JumpySIM Service Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Critical Information Summary available on our website.