Using the power of technology to let kids be kids again

Tribe n.  -  a distinctive or close-knit group with the same leader.


Successfully managing a team, or a whole tribe for that matter, takes considerable planning and coordination.

Managing a household is exactly the same. As many Australian families juggle competing priorities, a planned well-coordinated approach is what is needed to get through each week with confidence and minimal stress.

That’s why we are proud to introduce Spacetalk™, a watch, phone and GPS all-in-one device for kids aged 4 to 12.  It keeps you, and your tribe, connected throughout the day and provides you with confidence that everyone is where they need to be.

The AllMyTribe™ app on your smart-phone provides information about your tribe at your fingertips. The call and SMS functionality keeps you in control when plans change.

Our focus is firmly on your tribe's safety. With a built-in SOS function and no access to inappropriate internet sites or gaming functions. Spacetalk allows kids to be kids again - to kick the football in the park or walk to the corner shop to buy that litre of milk.

Smart, safe and connected.  With Spacetalk, your tribe is connected, and you can take comfort knowing they are safe.