Australian Technology Puts Safety and Security First

Australian Technology Puts Safety and Security First

Child safety and data security is AllMyTribe’s number one priority.

The Spacetalk children’s smartwatch was designed in Australia, the AllMyTribe apps were developed in Australia and all the server data associated with our children’s smartwatches is stored in Australia.

A recent European investigation into Children’s smartwatches revealed some alarming results about the privacy and security of other devices.  The investigation identified several critical security flaws which made them venerable and easily compromised by malicious attackers. Several products transmitted unencrypted location data back to servers based in China.  The report also concluded that these cheap Chinese products also lacked respect for consumer rights and flaunted EU privacy laws.

Why develop and promote a product intended for safety and security of children if you are not prepared to keep your system safe from potential hackers?  

It is clear these other companies have little regard for data security and their only interest is short-term commercial gain.    

At AllMyTribe, we have made vast efforts to ensure our systems incorporate industry best practice data security and cannot be hacked or spoofed like competitor products.  

All data flow between Spacetalk and our servers is encrypted, data between the AllMyTribe app and the server is encrypted and the data stored on our servers is encrypted. We also utilise two-factor authentication in the device-pairing process.

Our Spacetalk product complies with, and passes, all of the mandatory Australian safety standards and carries the Australian regulatory compliance mark pictured below. 

Australian product compliance mark

Products without this compliance cannot legally be offered for sale in Australia. Cheaper, imported products might appear worthy alternatives but may be costly in the end.

The Australian Media and Communications Authority is the body that regulates product compliance and they have produced a video about the risks that can be associated with imported illegal products.  Visit their website for more information.

Spacetalk and AllMyTribe is proudly developed by MGM Wireless, a leader in school communications systems for more than 15 years.

MGM has built a reputation for the highest-level data Security, gained through extensive experience working with government departments and education institutions.

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