Spacetalk Adventurer 2 vs Moochies Odyssey - Price, Features and Safety Comparison

As a parent, you want to be able to protect your children while giving them the space they need to grow and develop. If your little one is still a bit too small for a mobile phone, it can be tricky to know how best to stay in touch with them throughout the day. That’s where kid's smartwatches come in. 

Here’s a breakdown of the different features offered between the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Moochies Odyssey.

Pricing and Associated Costs


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

Price (RRP)



SIM Plan

Choose from 3 wearable SIM plans, including:

- 1GB for $17.99 (30 days)

- 10GB for $90.99 (180 days)

- 30GB for $164.99 (356 day)

Choose between two monthly plans*:

1. Basic for $19.95, or

2. Popular for $26.95

* + $10.00 One-off Annual GPS and Setup Fee

Mobile App Fees

$5.99 monthly fee for the Spacetalk app

Free MyMoochies App

The Spacetalk Adventurer 2 comes in at $100 more than the Moochies Odyssey, but you’ll also need to factor in the monthly Spacetalk app fee. When it comes to
SIM plans, there are several to choose from across each smartwatch, so you should be able to find a plan that suits your budget.

Design and Durability


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

Watch Colours

Available in two colours: frost and dusk

Watch face only available in black

Watch Band Colours

Available in thirteen colours including: arctic, black, cherry, flamingo, lilac, slate and teal

Comes with standard black or white swappable strap. Other swappable straps are available in a range of colours, patterns and illustrations.

Glass Type

Gorilla glass


Water Resistance

Splashproof IP67

Splashproof IP68

Both the Spacetalk Adventurer and the Moochies Odyssey feature similar
water resistance levels, meaning they’ll both survive the occasional splash. When it comes to the degree of customisation in terms of the watch and band colours, both smartwatches offer a range of different options. 

With that said, the Spacetalk is the only option that comes in a variety of colours for the watch face. Plus, you can select two free watch band straps as standard when you purchase the Spacetalk Adventurer. 

Be A Fun Mum loved the cool design of the Spacetalk Adventurer 2. In a recent review, they touched on the range of colours the watch is available in, “It comes in some beautiful, bright colours, as well as neutral, smart tones, like the ‘Midnight’ we chose. Plus, the straps are detachable, so you can get as many colours as you want.” 

Communication Features


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

Two-Way Calling

Text Messaging

Emergency SOS

Parent Approved Contacts

Both the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and Moochies Odyssey share the same communication features. That way you can stay connected with your child via phone or text message and you can rest assured that they can only contact or be contacted by contacts that you’ve approved. 

Connectivity Features


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

4G Network Connectivity



Once again, the Spacetalk and Moochies both share the same connectivity features. Both these smartwatches feature
4G network connectivity, so you can enjoy better call quality with your child. You can also connect to Bluetooth and wifi using the Spacetalk and Moochies smartwatches.

Spacetalk Mobile uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network to provide talk, text and data. So you know you can depend on the Spacetalk network to connect with your child.

Safety and Tracking


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

Real-Time Location Tracking

Geo-Fencing & Safe Zones

SOS Button Functionality

Remote Monitoring

The safety and tracking features across the Spacetalk and Moochies smartwatches allow parents to keep an eye on their children when they’re not in their care. Set up safe zones and receive alerts straight to your phone when your child arrives at or leaves a dedicated safe zone. Being able to track your child helps to ensure their safety, not to mention providing you with peace of mind.

Learning and Usage Control


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

School Mode

Social Media

Internet Connectivity

Say goodbye to distractions thanks to the
school mode offered by Spacetalk and Moochies. Plus, with no social media or internet access, you can rest assured that your child won’t be exposed to inappropriate content. 

Health and Applications


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

Step Counter

Heart Rate Monitor

Stop Watch

Alarm Clock



While the Moochies Odyssey features several key health applications, the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 offers more comprehensive health features and applications. Your child can view the daily weather to check the forecast for their walk home in case they need to make alternative wet weather pick-up plans. 

Technical Specifications


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

Screen Size & Resolution

360x320 pixels

368x448 pixels

Battery Time

Up to 2h talk, up to 36h standby time

Approx. 2 days standby time

Charging Time

Approx. ‎1.5 hours

30 minutes+ or overnight




Camera Resolution



When it comes to the tech specs, the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 and the Moochies Odyssey are fairly comparable. Most importantly, both smartwatches should last a couple of days on standby. So long as you or your little one remember to recharge it overnight, or just for a couple of hours, you should have a full battery ready to go for the day.

Support and Warranty


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey

Customer Support

Australian Based

Australian Based

Email Support

Dedicated Email Support

Dedicated Live Chat and Email Support


12 Month Warranty

12 Month Warranty

As two Australian-based companies, both Spacetalk and Moochies are dedicated to providing email support. Moochies takes it one step further with their live chat function available on their website.

Reviews and Ratings


Spacetalk Adventurer 2    <Buy Now>

Moochies Odyssey







Helpful Review

The battery life is excellent and lasts all day, reception and GPS is bang on, and the call quality is really clear! I think all kids should have a watch like this…

I love the GPS tracking for grade 2 who will start riding the 500m to school every day in a couple of weeks. Battery life could be longer, but based on the feedback from the family, my daughter has been peppering them with video calls and picture messages since Christmas Day, so it might be heavy use!

Source: JB Hi-Fi

Based on the ratings, the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 is the clear winner. With that said, both smartwatches have garnered positive feedback based on the GPS tracking functionality.

Key Takeaways

Although the Spacetalk Adventurer 2 will set you back an extra hundred dollars compared to the Moochies Odyssey, it does come with a few more bells and whistles that are likely to come in handy for you and your child. From setting calendar reminders to being able to check the weather in case of last-minute pickup plans, you can stay in touch and worry less with a Spacetalk Adventurer 2.

Explore the range of features on offer with the Spacetalk Adventurer 2.

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