How Spacetalk Lets You Communicate Your Way

We all know someone who absolutely dreads chatting on the phone. It’s not because they don’t want to talk, rather it’s just not their preferred way to communicate.

Everyone communicates differently. Some people enjoy a long phone call while others prefer chatting face to face on a video call or sending a quick text or voice message.

Besides everyone’s individual preferences, there’s other things to consider when it comes to keeping in touch with the ones we love. This can include factors such as literacy skills, motor skills and disabilities.

With all these factors in mind, let’s run through a few of the ways Spacetalk can support your family, however you like to communicate.

Text messages
Sending someone a text message is a core function of any mobile device.
Spacetalk smartwatches let kids send texts in a way that’s simple and easy no matter their literacy or motor skills.

Kids have the choice of writing their own text messages or choosing from a set list of responses (customised by you in the Spacetalk app).

This is a great feature for kids who are too young to type their own messages or find it hard to type on the screen while they’re still developing their fine motor skills.

Customising pre-set messages
On the Spacetalk app, tap on child’s profile and scroll down to the Chat/ SMS Keyboard option under Watch, Chats & Calls.

From here, you can customise and add pre-set messages. Suggestions for pre-set messages could include “I love you” “I’m on the way home” “I’m at school” or “I will be a few minutes late”.

Pre-set messages are a fantastic way to make sure every child can keep in contact with loved ones, no matter their literacy or ability level.

Video Calls
Some kids prefer to see the face of the person they’re talking to, which is where video calling comes in handy.

Making a video call is easy on Adventurer. Kids simply tap the Video Call icon and select the contact they want to talk to- easy!

Whether kids want to show you what they’re up to or nanna wants to see their new haircut, video calling lets the whole family connect in a more personal way.

Phone calls
Phone calls are the bread and butter of any mobile device, including Spacetalk Adventurer.

Kids can make and receive calls from anyone on their Safe Contacts list, which you can customise at any time on the Spacetalk app. There’s no limit to the number of contacts you can have and contacts can be added or removed at any time.

Only people on the list can contact and be contacted by your child, meaning there’s no worries about spam and scam callers.

There are many ways families like to keep in touch, with preferences often changing as kids grow.

Spacetalk’s talk and text features are on hand to support your family and keep you connected, however you like to talk.