3 Ways A Smartwatch Can Help Anxious Kids at School

School is a place for kids to learn, make friends and develop their confidence.

Every child gets anxious about school now and then, but some kids can struggle with feelings of such intense anxiety that it makes going to school a real challenge.

Thankfully there are ways to support anxious kids at school and give them the confidence to venture into the classroom, and it all starts with a kids smart watch.

How can a smart watch for kids ease school anxiety?

1. Lets kids talk it out
Sometimes a quick chat is all it takes to ease anxious feelings.

Just like you might call a friend before a job interview or vent to your mum about life’s stresses, a kids smart watch gives children the opportunity to call or message a loved one if they’re feeling scared or need a bit of reassurance.

Spacetalk Adventurer gives kids the opportunity to connect in whatever way they feel comfortable, whether it’s a phone call, video call or text message.

While Spacetalk Adventurer does have School Mode, meaning certain watch functions will be turned off during class time, this can be customised to ensure your child can still call you on their way to and from school, as well as check in with a quick text during their lunch break.

2. Lets you be there, wherever you are
As much as we’d like to, we can’t always be there with our kids.
Thankfully a kids GPS watch let’s you be there with your child no matter where you are.

GPS Location on Demand works to support kids who are anxious about travelling to and from school, whether they walk, catch the bus or get a lift with a friend. The GPS lets you check in on your child’s journey, while Safe Zones can be set up to notify you when they arrive at school or home.

This extra level of reassurance can be a huge comfort to anxious kids, knowing a loved one can step in with directions or instructions if they get lost, because you’ll be able to see exactly where they are.

3. Encourage positive thoughts
Changing anxious thoughts into positive ones is hard, but with consistent practice it can help develop their confidence and resilience.

Simple things like reminding your child about a time where they overcame a difficult situation or challenging them to question their anxious thoughts can go a long way in helping overcome school anxiety.

You can even set up Adventurer’s Reminders and Alerts feature to send positive messages to your child automatically every morning before school to give them a boost!

There are so many ways a kids smartwatch can help ease a child’s anxiety. Whether it’s checking in with a text, watching over them from afar or encouraging positive thinking, there’s always a way to support your anxious child at school.