How Spacetalk Can Help Keep Kids Safe on Holidays

Whether you’re going away or staying close to home, school holidays are full of fun activities and opportunities for fun, wherever you are.

Holidays can come with their own unique forms of stress, like wondering what your kids are up to while you’re at work or trying to keep the whole family from getting lost while you’re visiting an unfamiliar place.

Thankfully, Spacetalk is here to make your holidays a little less stressful thanks to some handy features to keep you and your family connected, wherever you are.

GPS Location on Demand
Every parent has experienced that heart stopping moment when their child has wandered off in a busy public place.

Thankfully GPS Location on Demand is on hand to help by letting you see your child’s location at any time, useful if you’re in an unfamiliar area where kids can easily get lost.

For added peace of mind you can also choose to get automatic GPS updates at intervals from five minutes to every hour, so you’ll always know where your child is.

Safe Zones
Safe Zones are a radius around a specific location that will automatically send you an update when your child enters or leaves that zone.

For example, you might choose to put a Safe Zone around your holiday accommodation, the kids club at the caravan park or your child’s friend’s house if they’re spending the day together.

You can set up as many safe zones as you need, so you can rest assured that if your child tries to sneak off somewhere, you’ll know.

SOS Alerts
Unlike making a phone call, SOS Alerts is a faster way for kids to get in contact with you if they feel unsure or unsafe. All they need to do is activate the SOS feature and the watch will do the rest.

Once a child activates an SOS alert, the watch will call each contact on the Emergency Contact List in order until someone picks up.

If no one answers, the watch will send an SMS message letting the contact know the child activated an alert and will move on to calling the next contact in the list. If none of the contacts on the list picks up, the child will have to send another alert (unless a contact calls the child back of course).

Holiday tips

Don’t forget your charger!
Spacetalk smartwatches need to be charged every night, just like a regular phone, so don’t forget to pack the charger!

Take advantage of the Spacetalk app
The Spacetalk app is the nerve centre of all the safety features, letting you customise them whenever your needs change.
Before you go on holiday, take some time to look through your settings and adjust anything that needs to be changed before you go so you can jump straight into the fun!

Update your Safe and Emergency Contacts list
Before you go away, make sure you have all the necessary people on your child’s Safe Contacts and Emergency Contacts list.
The difference between Safe and Emergency contacts is when a feature like SOS Alerts is activated it will call the Emergency contact list, so making sure that’s up to date before you leave is essential.

No matter where you spend time on the holidays, knowing you can keep in contact with your child wherever they are means everyone has one less thing to worry about.