Feature Focus: Buddies

We all know kids love being silly and having a laugh with their friends.
That’s why we developed Buddies, the feature that lets kids chat to one another safely and securely.

One of the reasons many parents buy a Spacetalk watch for their child is so they can keep in touch without the risk of unwanted contact that can come with owning a regular smartphone.

Of course, kids can contact and be contacted by anyone you put on their Safe Contacts list, and as an extension of this, Buddies gives kids the chance to add and talk to their friends who also have a Spacetalk Adventurer.

What is Buddies?
Buddies is a safer way for kids to chat with friends and siblings who also have a Spacetalk Adventurer.

Kids can add buddies themselves but parents still need to approve the connection via the app before they can stary chatting.

This means you’ll always know who your child is talking to when it comes to their Spacetalk device.

To add a Buddy
Adding a buddy is easy! Just make sure your child and the buddy you want to add both follow these steps.

1. On Spacetalk Adventurer, swipe through the watch screen until you see the Buddies icon and tap to open it.
2. Once you’re in, the screen will tell you to make sure you and your friend are searching.
3. Tap Get Started and you and your friend’s device will search for each other.
4. Once both watches are found you can add your Buddy!
5. Parents will get a notification on the Spacetalk app asking to approve the connection. Once approved, you can start chatting- it’s that easy!

Connecting with friends and siblings via Buddies means kids can have fun and chat safely on their Adventurer without the need for social media or external messaging platforms.