SPACETALK is Distraction Free and Safe to use with School Mode

SPACETALK, an all-in-one mobile phone, smartwatch and GPS tracker, keeps children safe and families connected.

Parents can know precisely where their children are via an app on their mobile phone. Parents download the allmytribe app from the Apple Store or Google Play store.

SPACETALK is specifically designed for children aged between four and 12. The wearable device prevents access to the internet and the dangers of social media.

SPACETALK overcomes widespread evidence of online bullying, heightened stress levels and classroom distractions, which are behind the mobile phone ban to be introduced in public primary schools across New South Wales from 2019. The NSW Government imposed the ban following a review of mobile phone use in classrooms.

We designed SPACETALK to be the safest and most secure communications device in the world. Parents have complete control over all functions, including a defined contact list via the connected allmytribe app.

SPACETALK is safe to use at school. Using school mode, parents and guardians can define classroom periods that make SPACETALK distraction free. Then, it is effectively a watch. During school mode, parents have complete control and can choose to selectively enable or disable features. For example, parents may choose to enable the step counter feature, while disabling the ability to make and receive calls. There is no risk of classroom distractions because SPACETALK is silent in school mode.

AllMyTribe’s parent company SPACETALK LTD has more than 18 years’ experience supplying communication and attendance management systems to schools and education departments across Australia and New Zealand.

SPACETALK LTD intimately understands school requirements and the mandatory need for safety and privacy. As an ASX listed company since 2001, SPACETALK LTD (ASX: SPA) undertakes thorough due diligence on all products and services it sells to valued customers.

We are so proud of our SPACETALK product that keeps kids safe and families connected in a highly responsible and effective manner across Australia and New Zealand.  

Simply safer phones for kids.