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We understand that ongoing costs are a concern for our customers, and we try and keep these costs to a minimum.

There are two ongoing costs you need to be aware of – mobile SIM plan which you pay directly to your mobile operator of choice, and the AllMyTribe app subscription fee that you subscribe to through the AllMyTribe app and these subscription fees are collected by the Google Play or Apple Store depending on your smartphone.

Mobile SIM plans for SPACETALK start at $10 per month and are available from Belong, AldiMobile, LycaMobile with no lock in contacts.  Instead of choosing a monthly SIM plan you may also consider a PAYG SIM card plan which may be slightly cheaper depending on use but you will need to remember to keep the SIM topped up with credit.  When choosing a SIM card plan, remember it works best on the Telstra network or their network resellers and requires only about 200MB per data per month.

The AllMyTribe app subscription fee is $5.99 for up to two devices or $8.99 for up to five devices per month.  There are no lock in contracts, and you may cancel at any time through Google Play or the Apple Store.

All up, the total ongoing cost is between $14-18 per month including SIM card and app subscription fee.

Why do we charge an app subscription fee?  Unlike other smartwatch providers, SPACETALK utilises Google's premium geolocation services instead of other free alternatives that may provide misleading location data.

Why do we need a geolocation service?  Every time SPACETALK is requested to report a location, it collects a range of data from its onboard GPS, WiFi and Cell Tower receivers.  SPACETALK reports this data via encrypted communication to our servers, our servers then send that anonymous data to the geolocation service and that service responds to us with the longitude and latitude.  This enables us to display the location correctly on your app.

Why is this important?  We can’t solely rely on GPS data alone to accurately position your SPACETALK.  When indoors, at school, home or shopping centres for example, the signals from GPS satellites are poor. We then utilise WiFi and Cell Tower signals to position SPACETALK.  Google has by far the best geolocation service which it amasses from the billions of devices that use their services daily.  Alternative ‘free’ services are likely not updated regularly or may work better in some regions and not others. In most cases these ‘free’ alternatives work well in China but have not been proven accurate elsewhere in the world.  Providing Google’s premium geolocation service comes at significant cost to our company, but we can proudly say that we have the most accurate locating system out of all our competitors.  When you are talking about Children's safety, only the best location systems can be considered.

What else?  All our data is housed in Australia using enterprise-grade servers and top-level hosting services.  This guarantees that your data is safe and not for sale.  As many people are aware, there has been multiple reports of smartwatch providers that have been deemed unsafe by cyber-security experts.  There is cause for concern that a kid’s smartwatch could be used for purposes other than intended including that of a remote listening device.

Our SPACETALK is constantly evolving with new features being actively developed by our own engineers here in Australia.  All our updates are included with no further cost outlay to our customers.  When you contact SPACETALK customer support, you talk to a real employee, someone who works with the product and prides themselves in providing the best possible outcome for our customers, someone that values the SPACETALK community. 


When you purchase a SPACETALK smartwatch, you are purchasing from a company that has almost 20 years’ experience helping families provide the best possible services for children.