GPS, Location on Demand and Safe Zones. What’s it all about?

Part of growing up is letting go. As our kids grow into teenagers, then adults, we need to help them discover their freedom, push boundaries, gain confidence and test the waters. And exciting as it might be for the kids, it can be an especially daunting experience for us.

This worry is something we considered during the development of our smart watch & phone. SPACETALK comes with an in-built GPS, so you can let your kids explore their world without compromising your peace of mind.

Here’s how GPS offers peace of mind

Your kids’ SPACETALK comes with GPS tracking, letting you know where your kids are at any time so long as they’re wearing their SPACETALK.

SPACETALK uses three methods to position the watch. These methods are: GPS positioning via satellite, Wi-Fi positioning and Cell Tower triangulation. SPACETALK will use the most accurate of these methods to obtain the watch's location as necessary and communicate the location to your AllMyTribe App. 

Using high accuracy location technology that’s licensed with Google Maps, our Location on Demand and Safe Zones features work to give you real-time notifications of your where your kids’ are. Let’s tell you how!

What does the Location on Demand feature do?

This feature does pretty much what it says. When you tap the radar button on the AllMyTribe App, it lets you instantly know where your kid (who’s wearing the SPACETALK) is.

Where is this radar button?

You’ll find the radar button at the top right of the map in the Location tab. Tap it, and the AllMyTribe App will start scanning for your child's GPS location. Soon, you'll have the most up-to-date location of your child’s whereabouts.

Just in case you can’t find the radar button on your App, here’s what you can do.

Update AllMyTribe through the App Store or Google Play Store. Once updated, you will see a radar button at the top right of the map on the Location tab. There is no watch-side software update for this feature.

I don’t need Location on Demand, I already get location updates every 15 mins.

Receiving location updates for short intervals of time could be impacting battery life, as such we suggest checking your kids’ whereabouts at certain times of the day through the Location on Demand feature and extend the battery life of your child’s SPACETALK.

You mentioned Safe Zones, too. What is that?

These are zones you can set up in the AllMyTribe App. When your child arrives and leaves these pre-programmed zones, you can be notified through the App.

How can I setup a Safe Zone?

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial on how you can set up Safe Zones

1. Open the AllMyTribe App

2. In case you have multiple children set up on the AllMyTribe app, select the child you’re setting a safe zone for from the main Menu (the three horizontal lines on the top-left of the AllMyTribe App)

3. Tap the Settings tab

4. Choose Safe Zone

5. Find the address that you’d like to set up as a Safe Zone and then tap Name

6. Type in a name for this zone that you’ve just set up

7. Tap Done

8. You can add more than one safe zones for each child or edit existing safe zones.


If you have any other questions about Location on Demand or Safe Zones, please leave us a comment below.

If you ever need any assistance with your device or have some questions about SPACETALK, feel free to call on 1300 087 423, or send us an email at Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST.

Until next time…