Enable School Mode. Make school time distraction free.

In a world where digital screens are vying for your child’s attention at every corner, SPACETALK is a smart watch & phone that helps them focus on the important stuff, like lessons during school time. Today we’re answering questions about School Mode – the feature that transforms your kids’ smart watch & phone into a regular wristwatch for distraction-free learning.

Let’s get straight into it.

What does School Mode do?

When you activate School Mode on your kids’ SPACETALK you’re enabling only those features that help your child stayed focused in school. Thus, with School Mode on, SPACETALK transforms into a distraction-free device just during those specific hours.

How do I activate School Mode?

School Mode is entirely managed by YOU – through the AllMyTribe App. You can set the time frame during which School Mode needs to be activated (e.g. 9am – 3pm), the days School Mode needs to be activated (e.g. Monday through Friday) and the specific features that you’d want to leave disabled or enable during that time frame (e.g. Disable Incoming calls, Outgoing calls, SMS or enable Step Counter).

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial detailing how you can enable School Mode.

School Mode watch face and set up screen

1. Open the AllMyTribe App

2. In case you have multiple children set up on the AllMyTribe app, select the child you’re setting School Mode for from the main Menu (the three horizontal lines on the top-left of the AllMyTribe App)

3. Tap the Settings tab

4. Choose School Mode

5. Tap the plus/add (+) sign from the top right corner

6. Type in a name for this period in the Period Title

7. Choose a Start Time and End Time. Choose the desired times and then tap Back

8. Tap Enable Features (Our recommendation is to enable only those features that will not interfere with your child’s school day.)

9. Enable the desired options and then tap Back (All features are auto-disabled so you can enable the ones that won’t interfere with your child’s school day.)

10. Enable the Repeating function option

11. Choose the days School Mode will be activated then tap Back

12. If you want to select a particular date when School Mode will be activated, then tap Date

13. Choose the date and tap Back (or you could completely skip this step)

14. Tap Done when you’re finished

15. You’ve successfully set up School Mode. Now school time will be distraction free!

    But how will the teacher know that School Mode is activated?

    Great question! And one that we encountered during our initial user research.

    All your child needs to do is present the watch face to the teacher when asked, to assure the teacher that School Mode is on.

    When School Mode is activated, the watch face on your child’s SPACETALK will display two pencils side by side.

    SPACETALK with School Mode on

    This lets the teacher know that your child will not be able to make or receive calls, send or receive texts or do anything else that might interfere with focusing on class work.

    Can my kid disable School Mode?

    No. SPACETALK is completely controlled by YOU through the AllMyTribe App. So, there’s no way your child can disable School Mode without having access to the phone that’s paired with the smart watch.

    What if I need to call/text my child when School Mode is on?

    The controls are in your hands. This means, you could disable the features you need to use to contact your child through the AllMyTribe App.

    In case of an emergency, How can my child contact me when School Mode is on?

    In case of an emergency, your child can activate SOS, which is a button on the side of your child’s SPACETALK. When SOS is activated, the child’s first emergency contact will be called. Just make sure you’ve set up the emergency contact details through the AllMyTribe App.

    Well, there you have it! School Mode helps keep school hours free from distraction without compromising your child’s safety.

    You could also check out our Parent FAQs and Teacher FAQs for more information and resources about this feature. If you have any other questions about School Mode, please leave us a comment below. 

    If you ever need any assistance with your device or have some questions about SPACETALK, feel free to call on 1300 087 423, or send us an email at support@spacetalkwatch.com. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST.

    Until next time…