Mobile Terms of Use Policy

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your use of the Spacetalk Mobile SIM Cards and mobile network service (previously called JumpySIM) which is operated by Spacetalk Holding Pty Ltd (“Spacetalk Mobile,” “we,” “us” or “our”). As used in these Terms, Spacetalk Mobile ”Service”,” our service” or” the service” means the service provided by Spacetalk Mobile for utilising our SIM Cards and mobile network service, including all features, functionalities, user interfaces as well as all content and software associated with our service.

These Terms govern your use of the Spacetalk Mobile Service and describe the terms and conditions applicable to those Services.

By activating and continuing to use a Spacetalk Mobile SIM Card (“SIM/S”), you agree to be legally bound to and to abide by these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, you must refrain from using the Spacetalk Mobile SIM Card or Services.

Mobile Networks

Spacetalk Mobile uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, click here to learn more. To see Spacetalk Mobile coverage in your area please click here.

We cannot guarantee connectivity 100% of the time as there are also other factors beyond our control. For example, if there is a local base station issue or broader mobile network outage, your Spacetalk Watch and other mobile devices in the area will not be able to connect to the network while the site is off air.

Please ensure you check network coverage and plan details closely as no refunds are provided for credit that has been purchased.

References to our 3G service means a reference to services provided over the 850 MHz spectrum. References to our 4G service means a reference to services provided over the 1800 MHz spectrum. To the extent that there are any inconsistencies anywhere in Terms with this clause (express or implied) this clause shall prevail.

The 3G Network (850Mhz band) will close mid-2024.


You can cancel your Service within your online Spacetalk Mobile account.

If you cancel your Service after we have started providing that Service to you, we won’t refund any fees you already paid to us, including any upfront fees. We are unable to refund any unused prepaid mobile credits.

Spacetalk Mobile Australia does not offer refunds on credit purchased incorrectly, due to change of mind or due to lack of coverage. Please ensure you check our coverage map and frequently asked questions to ensure our product is right for you.

Spacetalk Mobile does not provide a refund if the device in which you are using your SIM card is faulty or returned.

Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

 Emergency Services

You can use our Service to call emergency services at no cost by dialling 000 or 112 if you are in an area with Spacetalk Mobile Network coverage. Depending on what settings you have configured, the emergency services operator may see your location information via Advanced Mobile Location (or “AML”) technology. You agree that AML technology may use a small amount of data to calculate your location automatically when you make an emergency call.

 Fair Usage Allowances

The SIM which has been provided to you is not to be used in any other product other than personal wearable devices (i.e., smart wearable).

For detailed information on data and call allowances, refer to our Critical Information Summary. Inclusive communications allowances may use 3G, and 4G coverage and cover standard mainland calls, texts and data within Australia. Allowances cover a reasonable use of the communications platform.

For calls and texts, where monthly fair usage terms are exceeded, we will notify you and in the event of inappropriate, repeated, or excessive usage, we reserve the right to suspend your access to the Service. Where the fair usage terms have been exceeded and we have suspended your use of the

Services we may ask you to make an additional payment to us in order to reinstate your use of the Services.

During any period of suspension, all your obligations under these Terms shall continue in full force and effect.

For details on the fair usage of our Services, refer to our Fair Go Policy and Critical Information Summary.