3G Network Closure and How It Impacts Your Spacetalk Device.

Australia will begin to shut down their 3G networks beginning December 2023. Telecommunication providers are repurposing the radio frequency bands used for their 3G networks to expand and improve their 4G & 5G coverage.  

Will I be Affected?

If you are using a 3G mobile device, your device will cease working once your service provider has turned off the 3G network. The date this will happen will vary based on you service provider. If your device is 4G compatible and you have 4G coverage in your area you will not be impacted by this change.

If you are are using one of these Spacetalk devices you will be impacted by this change: Spacetalk Kids (Vodafone/Optus edition) SP-1009/IF-W525C and Spacetalk Kids (Telstra edition) SP-1005/IF-W515C.

3G Network Closure Dates.

  • Vodafone: 15th December 2023*. More info here.
  • Telstra: 30th June 2024*. More info here.
  • Optus: 1st September 2024*. More info here.  

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*Contact your telecommunication provider to confirm their 3G switch-off dates.