Feature Focus: Funny Sounds

Feature Focus: Funny Sounds

Hearing your child’s laughter is music to the ears of many parents.

Whether they’re laughing with a friend or at a joke you just told them, knowing your child is happy, having fun and enjoying being a kid is magical.

Laughter is also essential in helping kids grow and reach their full potential, with laughter being a critical element in developing social skills and emotional intelligence.

Learning these skills early makes kids better equipped to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others, as well as how to deal with difficult feelings such as anger and frustration in a healthier way.

As part of our Wellness update, the new Funny Sounds feature on Spacetalk Adventurer lets kids make each other laugh with a range of sound effects from animal sounds, musical instruments and even whoopees.

Let’s run through how this new feature works on Spacetalk Adventurer, and how getting your child laughing is wonderful for their overall wellbeing.

How to use Funny Sounds
The Funny Sounds feature is so easy to use on Spacetalk Adventurer.

Kids simply tap on the Funny Sounds icon on the watch screen to bring up the sound effects.

From there, they can swipe through the different effects and tap on an image to hear the sound.

Kids can tap sounds in any sequence and the watch will play them back in that order, meaning kids can have a blast coming up with their own unique composition of musical sound effects.

But won’t this be a huge distraction while they’re at school? Not to worry! The Funny Sounds feature won’t work If School Mode is enabled, making sure kids stay focussed while they’re in class.

Why laughter is important for kids
Our last post highlighted some of the amazing benefits laughter can have for kids wellbeing and development.

Laughter can lower blood pressure, help kids relax and even make it easier to bond with others and make friends.

Funny Sounds aims to encourage kids to forget about their troubles for a while, have a bit of a giggle and reap some of those wonderful laughter benefits.

When our kids are happy, so are we. Whether it’s playing a prank on dad or just letting loose and being silly, the range of sound effects in this new feature is sure to make everyone crack a smile.

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