Feature Focus: Fitness

Feature Focus: Fitness

There’s no denying kids seem to have an endless amount of energy that no amount of coffee in the world can replicate.

Physical activity is essential for kids to get some of that excess energy out of their system as well as playing a part in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Spacetalk Adventurer’s Fitness features can help parents get a better understanding of their child’s physical activity and includes both a Step Counter and Heart Rate Monitor.

Keeping active can not only help kids keep fit and healthy, but can also help them focus better in class, strengthens bones and even reduce the risk of depression.

Let’s run through how to access and view your child’s fitness statistics on the Spacetalk app as well as on their Adventurer watch.


On the Spacetalk App

From the Spacetalk app you can see your child’s step count and heart rate, as well as set step goals with a few easy taps.

To access the Fitness features, tap on your child’s name on the home screen.

Scroll down to Wellness and tap on Fitness. From here you can switch between viewing their step count and heart rate.

Step Counter

On the step screen, tap on the gear icon to set your child’s step goal. You can also turn goals off completely from this screen.

If you scroll down, you can see your child’s steps for each day of the current week as well as a graph outlining their steps for the week, month and year.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate screen shows your child’s lowest, average and highest beats per minute, as well as a graph and breakdown of their heartbeat for the current week.

Your child’s step and heart rate data can help paint a picture of their overall level of wellness. A high heart rate and low step count could mean your child is feeling anxious, while a low step count and low heart rate could mean they’re feeling sad.

You can learn more about interpreting fitness data here.


On Spacetalk Adventurer

Kids can easily access their Fitness features on their watch by swiping through the watch until they see the Fitness icon.

This will take them to a screen showing how many minutes they’ve spent running and walking, as well as how many more steps they’ve taken this week compared to the week before.

From this screen, they can swipe right to see their step count as well as scroll down to see kilometres, calories burned and active minutes as well as a graph showing all steps taken for the week.

They can swipe left to see their heart rate. On this screen they can scroll down to see the lowest, average and highest beats per minute as well as a graph mapping out their heart rate for the week.


Kids need around 60 minutes of physical activity a day to keep healthy and build up strength. Spacetalk’s fitness features are a fantastic way to make sure kids are getting the exercise they need for healthy growth and development.


Spacetalk is a consumer grade general wellness device, not a certified medical device. Spacetalk wellness features are not intended for medical diagnostics. The information provided in this website or the Spacetalk mobile application is not a substitute for obtaining proper professional care or services. You should seek independent advice from a medical professional as required.




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