5 Reasons a Smartphone Watch for Kids is Safer Than a Regular Phone

Whether to give your child a smartphone or not is a difficult decision for many parents.

You want to keep in contact, but know that access to inappropriate content, distractions and unwanted contact are just some of the risks of giving kids their own phone.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a solution that keeps you and your child connected safely: our all-in-one smartwatch phone for kids that lets you keep in touch while removing regular smartphone dangers.

Here are five reasons a Spacetalk kids watch phone is safer than a regular smartphone.

1. Parental control
The Spacetalk app gives parents full control over their child’s Spacetalk device.
You can set up a safe contact list to control who can contact your child, ensuring no unwanted calls.

You can also enable school mode for distraction free learning, check their GPS location and even give them reward stars for doing chores, all from your own phone.

2. No open internet access
One of the most important differences between a Spacetalk watch and a regular phone is the absence of open internet access.

There is no way for your child to access the open internet from their watch.
No internet, social media or games completely eliminates the potential for cyber bullying, unwanted contact and distractions.

3. GPS tracking
Spacetalk is the ultimate GPS tracker for kids. You can check their location at any time with location on demand, handy if they’ve accidentally wandered off at the shops.

You can also receive automatic GPS updates at intervals from five minutes to every hour.

Unlike a regular phone, kids can’t turn GPS tracking off, giving you that extra peace of mind.

4. Safe zones
Safe zones are a radius around a specific location that will automatically send you an update when your child enters or leaves that zone.

You can set up as many safe zones as you need, whether it’s your child’s school, Grandma’s house, sports practice or another home in a co-parenting family.

5. SOS alert function
If your child is in trouble or needs help, they simply hold down the SOS button on the side of the watch.
The watch will then begin to

call emergency contacts you have set up and provide them with your child’s GPS location, so you can navigate to them quickly.
Spacetalk smartwatches are made with kids’ safety in mind, without dangers and distractions.

To learn more, check out our FAQ page.

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