Your privacy matters to us

Your privacy matters to us

When it comes to protecting you and your kids, nothing is more important to us than your privacy.

That’s why Spacetalk will never, ever sell your data.

Spacetalk is committed to ensuring that our products and services not only meet but exceed all standards for data security and privacy. For over 20 years, we’ve been a global leader in the development of socially responsible technologies. The safety of children and our community is at the heart of everything we do. For us, safety extends to protecting your family’s data and doing everything possible to maintain your privacy.

"As a Company, we take our responsibilities to our
customers; parents, guardians and children very
seriously." – Spacetalk CEO Mark Fortunatow

Because trust is one of our core values. It’s something that we place at the heart of our business. You trust that our products keep your family confidently connected and we strive to never break that trust.

You can rest assured that your family in good hands with Spacetalk. Whether it’s protecting your data, respecting your privacy or not exposing young children to social media, Spacetalk makes a promise to parents: We’ll always put the wellbeing of your child above all else.

Thank you and keep safe.

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