New OT Australia partnership to reduce falls impacts for older Australians

New OT Australia partnership to reduce falls impacts for older Australians

Spacetalk has partnered with OT Australia to help reduce the impact of falls for more Australians. 

Falls remain a major health issue for those aged 65+, with injuries caused by falls accounting for 60% of hospitalisations and 94% of deaths, according to the latest government data. 

By teaming up with OT Australia, Spacetalk aims to provide access to support for more Australians at risk, prior to health events. 

The partnership recognises the pivotal role that Occupational Therapists, and other health and care professionals play in identifying escalating risks for patients. 

“Falls is an umbrella term that relates to so many of our most common health conditions, like heart disease, vision impairment, dementia, stroke, mobility issues and many more,” said Spacetalk CEO Simon Crowther. 

“The challenge is that most people delay getting help until a fall occurs. But our data tells us that fall alerts often occur when people are alone, or during hours when care or family support may not be available.  

“Working with OTs, we can provide assistive technology in the form of a smartwatch, with fall detection, 24/7 monitoring and other safety features, to help avoid the worst-case scenario of someone falling alone without anyone knowing.” 

In addition, Spacetalk’s Life was also the only safety device in Australia with an app that could provide carers with access to critical health insights, such as fall reports, to track health decline or improvements over time, he explained. 

“This technology now lets us change a previously unsolvable issue, and avoid the worst impact of falls, simply. 

“Spacetalk is proud to partner with OT Australia, and support more Australians to live independently at home, with proper safety and back up measures in place.” 


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An Australian innovator, Spacetalk has been supporting the safety of kids, families and schools and families for more than 20 years. 

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