School's in for SPACETALK - what you need to know

The banning of smartphones in schools, particularly in NSW has been a hot topic in the media in recent months. As of 2019, the NSW Government, banned the use of smartphones in all primary schools and gave high schools the option to opt in. Nine News Adelaide also reported on Monday 17 June, that a west Adelaide high school was banning the use of smartphones in class for both students and teachers.

So, what does this mean for SPACETALK? Lucky for you, it means very little. By using the School Mode feature you can effectively turn the device into just a watch from your parent-controlled app. School Mode allows you to turn off all the features that are going to distract your child from learning.

The affected communities across Australia are in support of this ban becoming the norm, claiming that the use of smartphones raises other concerns for their child’s safety.

A review conducted by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and consisting of more than 14000 responses, identified cases of predatory behaviour from strangers and the sharing of explicit images between students.

With an astonishing number of young people on apps such as, Snapchat and Instagram, the question is being raised about the age-appropriateness for younger children.

Investing in SPACETALK is a sure-fire way to protect your child because there is NO internet, which means NO social media.

SPACETALK boasts several other handy features that help keep your child safe – Location on Demand, Safe Zones and even a trusted contacts list – so you can be with your child, even when you’re not.