Let's optimise your Spacetalk

Let's optimise your Spacetalk

Firstly, thanks for choosing a Spacetalk smartwatch. You’re going to love it. To help you make the most of your device, here’s a few of our favourite pro-tips.

Choosing the right SIM provider

Depending on your Spacetalk model, your smartwatch will be individually tuned to work on specific networks, so it’s important to choose a SIM card from the right carrier. Using the wrong SIM for your device can adversely affect battery performance and connectivity. Using our preferred SIM providers also helps to ensure your SIM card always has sufficient credit to use important functions like SOS alerts.

Here’s what we recommend

SPACETALK IF-W515C         

Telstra, Belong, Woolworths Mobile, Lyca, Tangerine, Pennytel, Better Life Mobile, Boost Mobile, Spark NZ


Vodafone, Optus, Kogan, amaysim, gotalk, Hello Mobile, Lebara, Reward Mobile, TransACT, TPG 


Telstra, Belong, Woolworths Mobile, Lyca, Tangerine, Pennytel, Better Life Mobile, Boost Mobile, Spark NZ 

SPACETALK Adventurer Adventurer works on all 3G and 4G mobile networks in Australia & New Zealand


Location update tips
While it’s comforting to stay constantly connected to loved ones through GPS, location services have a huge impact on battery life. For best results, we recommend choosing 1 hour location updates. You’ll still be able to use ‘Location on Demand’ to see where the device is at anytime using your Spacetalk app. You’ll find these adjustments under ‘Settings’ in Spacetalk app.

Dim the brightness
With all displays, the brightness level of the screen also affects battery performance. We recommend lowering the brightness to a level that works for you as this also prolongs the battery.

Lift to wake
If you are experiencing battery issues, you may want to try turning off the ‘Lift to Wake’ feature in the settings menu, and check for any improvements over a few days.

Charging me up!
Your Spacetalk is a mini mobile phone and, as all phones, we recommend charging your device every night so it's always ready to go in the morning. Don't worry, the battery can’t ever overcharge so it's perfectly safe to leave your Spacetalk charging unattended.

If you’d like more tips or tricks, contact us at support-anz@spacetalkwatch.com. We’re more than happy to help!

Enjoy your watch,
Spacetalk Team

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